WS-CNC Serration and Profile Grinding Machine

WS-CNC Serration and Profile Grinding Machine for grinding scallops, serrations, teeth profiles and edges. Available in different machine sizes; 1-4 CNC-axis.


The WS-CNC series (2 CNC-machine sizes) is used to form high-quality serrations and profiles in knives (e.g. steak- or bread knives), scissors or similar hand tools.

  • CNC piloted feeding axis of the grinding head with integrated compensation of the grinding wheel wear and automatic controlled constant surface speed.
  • Diamond coated dressing rolls to achieve high-accuracy profiles.
  • Dressing amount and dressing interval – programmable
  • Safe and simple load and unloading of the workpieces in horizontal position.
  • Easy programming of parameter
  • Possibility of combination with other machine types (e.g. hollow grinding HS-CNC) because of modular method of construction. Due to this processing cells for a complete processing of hand tools can be put together.


Optional features

  • Triple CNC Workpiece Block for simultaneous grinding – loading- unloading
  • Vertical CNC-axis for creep feed grinding of profiled or flat surfaces
  • Automatic feed and automation system with stackable, chain and cassette magazine
  • Parallel processing of 2 workpieces e.g. grinding profiles in saws
  • PC-CNC control SINUMERIK 840D with Windows®
  • Software DialogPLUS
  • Technological support and immediate troubleshooting with SIEPMANN-Teleservice
Grinding width, max. Optionally (handle on one side only) 110 mm (5") 210 mm (8") 300 mm (12")
Grinding drive Optionally 5,5 kW (7,5 HP) 7,5 kW (10 HP) 7,5 kW (10 HP)
Grinding wheel dia. 305 mm (12")
Peripheral speed Optionally 35 m/s (7000 sfm) Infinitely variable, programmable
Dressing roll drive 1,5 kW (2,2 HP)
Feed rate 0 - 15 m/min. (0-600 "/min)
Rapid traverse speed 15 m/min. (600 "/min)
Feed drive AC-servomotors with recirculation ball srew
Workpiece block drive Optionally Pneumatic swivelling Triple with AC servomotor
Capacity of stackable magazine 1000 mm (40") optionally 2000 mm (80")
Capacity of chain magazine 120 pcs., optionally 240 pcs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1500 mm (1600 mm) x 3300 mm x 2100 mm (59" (63") x 130" x 83")
Weight of machine 2.300 kg (5500 LBS) 2.500 kg (5900 LBS)
Weight of magazine attachment 400-600 kg (880-770 LBS)

Subject to technical change without notice