American Siepmann Corporation was founded by Gunter Borrosch, back in 1983 as the North American Representative for E. Siepmann GMBH, a 100-year-old cutlery grinder manufacturer in Solingen Germany.

 As a seasoned immigrant tool maker and former VP for Alliance and Gleason Works in Rochester, NY, Gunter wanted to have his own business.

Gunter teamed up with third-generation E. Siepmann GMBH President Frank Siepmann, and American Siepmann Corporation was formed and established as the domestic representative in North America 1983.

Through the last forty years, the Siepmann name has been represented in North America by American Siepmann Corporation. We pride ourselves on offering turn-key solutions for the American-edged products and hand tool industries. 

Who We Are

American Siepmann is a second-generation, 40-year, family-owned business and longtime supplier of turn-key grinding processes located in Rochester, New York.

ASC brings expert knowledge of cutlery and hand tool manufacturing and the Siepmann Brand along with unmatched service. 

With 40 years of abrasive manufacturing experience specifically for the cutlery industry at Rochester Abrasives Industries, the team in Rochester is the total package. 

We work side by side with our customers developing applications and wheel technology to improve the customer’s competitive advantage. 

By custom formulating wheels for different materials, generating specific finishes on the full spectrum of materials, and offering improved productivity it really amplifies the overall offering and keeps the technology unique to the client and their need.

We stretch the capabilities of the machines, and in conjunction with the latest magazines and automation technology, we create unique and productive world-class systems for industry.

Grinding Is Our Specialty

Some options we offer include:

  • Full-process integrations with belt-grinding
  • In-process inspection and measuring
  • Auto-processes compensation
  • Buffing
  • Washing, drying, cleaning, and marking
  • Restacking (along with I 4.0 feedback when needed) 

This type of flexibility and forward-thinking pools the latest technology on the market during the design and development phase of the process. We try to get our customers to think out of the box when it comes to design and cost reduction to maximize ROI and make them truly better. 

American Siepmann and the Siepmann brand are backed by the Global Retool Group in Germany. They are the designers and builders of the Siepmann brand. With headquarters in Lebach, Germany, GRG provides design, build, and programming capability unmatched in the industry. GRG has the world-class expertise and facilities needed to build the best solutions on the market today.