RS-CNC Back-Edge and Profile Grinding Machine

RS-CNC Back-Edge and Profile Grinding Machine, available in different types, for the optimal processing of knives, scissors and similar tools. Great working envelope: Even processing of the knife tips and ends.


The RS-CNC series of belt-grinding machines performs high quality back-edge and profile grinding of knife blades, scissors, hand tools.

The RS-CNC is available in 2 CNC-machine sizes.

  • High precision and profitability by applying the most modern technologies, e.g. play-free linear roller bearing guides.
  • The adjustable cross-oscillation of the grinding head ensures faultless, continuous belt tracking.
  • Wet grinding to avoid cracks in hardened materials.
  • Dry grinding is also possible.
  • The grinding belt arm is set at 45° incline
  • For special applications, the grinding belt arm can be set in different angles up to and including vertical.
  • Different process sequences an be programmed.
  • Standard workpiece identification


This allows 2 different workpieces to be processed continuously without operator intervention. The same workpiece can also be processed on all sides by loading it twice.

  • PC-CNC control SINUMERIK 840D with Windows®
  • Software DialogPLUS with automatic radius calculation
  • The software TeachInPLUS automatically sets up of the required CNC program by sensing the shape of the workpieces.


Optional features

  • Workpiece identification system which recognizes 999 different programs (set-up time = 0). Loading of the magazine is all that is required – the machine automatically loads the correct program.
  • Double magazine for 2 different parts
  • Technological support and immediate troubleshooting with SIEPMANN-Teleservice
Grinding Length, max. (Extended grinding lenght if desired) 500 mm (20")
Stroke of Vertical Axis, max. 180 mm (7")
Usable Width 200 mm (8")
Drive Power 15 kW (20 PS) 11 kW (15 PS)
Cross Oscillation 0 - 25 mm (0-1")
Cross Oscillation Drive Power 0,55 kW
Contact Wheel dia. if desired With reduced belt width 120mm (4.7") 60 - 125 mm (2.4-5") 30 - 50 mm (1.2-2.0") 50 - 100 mm (2.0-4.0") 18 - 30 mm (0.7-1.2")
Grinding Belt Speed If desired Infinitely Variable Drive 20 m/Sek. (4000 ft/min) 15 m/Sek. (3000 ft/min.)
Grinding Belt Dimensions 3.500 x 200 mm (138 x 8")
Weight 2.500 kg (5,500 lb.) 2.400 kg (5,300 lb.)

Subject to technical change without notice

The grinding belt arm is normally set at a 45° incline in order to achieve optimal processing of knife tips and ends respectively. A working envelope of 135° can be achieved by placing the knives in a horizontal position. By placing the blades in a slanted position, this working envelope is even greater.
For special applications, the grinding belt arm can be set in different angles up to and including vertical.
Different process sequences can be programmed:
  1. Grinding in steps - in one direction only
  2. Reciprocation grinding
  3. Creep feed grinding
  4. Partial grinding - e.g. grinding off protrusions